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How to Create a Buyer Persona?

Do you run a blog or an app? Or maybe you work for a marketing company or in sales? If you work in any of these fields (or countless others), the success or failure of your undertakings depends on how well you connect with customers. If your messages chime with …

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How to Turn Clicks into Customers?

What are the first things you do when setting up a business? You come up with a name, and maybe a logo, and you create a website.  Most potential customers will find out about you by clicking on your website; many will buy what you sell online, too. Clearly your …

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How to Measure the ROI of Marketing Campaigns?

In businesses the world over, executives are worried about the bottom line. Everything a company does – including marketing – needs to demonstrate its financial value clearly. Otherwise, it’s simply not worthwhile. If you’re in marketing, or simply interested in it, then you likely know how often marketing teams are …

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